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The West Wing Remix

The West Wing like you've never seen it before ...

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A West Wing Remix
Hi and welcome to The West Wing Remix Ficathon Comm!

What is a remix?
A remix is where you take someone else's story and tell it in the way you want to tell it. Most common ways include: change POV, dialogue, mood, characterization and length.

What are the requirements?
You must have FIVE West Wing stories that are at least 500 words that are exclusively West Wing, though any additional fics (crossovers) may be considered. No previously remixed stories are allowed.

What can't I change in the story?
All pairings, settings, and plot must remain the same. However, you can retell the story anyway you wish.

What if I want to make the story AU? Can I change the setting then?
Only if the plot remains extremely the same can you make a fic AU.

Do I get to pick who I remix?
No. Pairing of authors is done randomly. You might get someone who writes all slash, or someone who writes all of a pairing you cannot stand. If you don't feel you can handle the risk, don't enter.

Do we have a 'safe story?'
You are allowed to pick ONE story from your archive that you do not want to be remixed- it can be your favourite story, one that means a lot to someone else, just a story for whatever reason you don't want someone else touching.

Do all of my stories have to be in one place? Can I link to five separate stories?
Yes, all of your stories must be in one archived place. That place can be a link to a livejournal entry with links to all your stories, but to make it easier on the person who will be remixing your story, all fics must be in one location. You may have a website off-site, though nothing friendslocked or passcode protected.

If I don't have five stories, but I have four really good ones, can I participate? or If some of my five stories are crossovers, can I still participate?
No. To be fair to all the participants, everyone must meet the requirement of FIVE 500 exclusively WW fics.

No fair! I have over 100 stories and the person I got to remix only has five with 500 words! Why are pairings random?
Pairings are random because this is a challenge; five is a nice batch of stories to find something to work with- play around with them a little bit, let your imagination run wild.

What is the word count requirement on the remixed story?
Your story must be at least 1000 words.

Someone has a drabble I'd really like to remix, can I use that instead of one of their five stories?
IF you would like to additionally remix a drabble, you may, however, in the interests of fairness, your remix story must be one of their longer pieces. Because let's face it, it's terrible to go through a ficathon, work really hard on your piece, then get your remix story only to find out that someone took only 100 words of yours and added 900 of their own. That's a lot of adding to do.

I submitted my story, why is the community moderated?
All of the fics will be revealed on 1 August 2008, at the same time. Adds more flavour to the ficathon.

Is it ok if I'm late?
As long as you let me know, it shouldn't be a problem. However, if more than 10% of total fics are going to be late, I may consider not putting up the master list until more of the stories are in.

Where do I sign up?
Go here to sign up and include:

-name /lj name:
-email address:
-URL for your website or the index of your stories:
-name of your "safe story":
-any other excluded stories? (cowritten/remixed/work-in-progress):
-are you willing to pinch hit?


-name /lj name: Atticus / thecolourclear
-email address: atticusfinch at gmail [[dot]] com
-URL for your website or the index of your stories: TWW stories of Atticus
-name of your "safe story": Otis
-Any other excluded stories? (cowritten/remixed/work-in-progress): Nothing to Be
-are you willing to pinch hit? Yes

help! I have a question that's not on this list!
go here and leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Sign ups will remain open until 1 June. Assignments will go out by 4 June. You will have until 31 August to write.

Have Fun!

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